House and cat sitting ‘back home’ in Fonthill

November 2014

It was hard to leave the beautiful Autumn colors of Bobcageon and saying goodbye to my “two Shar Pei dogs”. To be honest; I got attached to the two of them!

In the afternoon I drove straight to my next house and cat sitting job; in my own home town, Fonthill. It was weird to pass by my old house and to know that there are now children running around, from a different family. Also, it was good to know, that I had 3 weeks the time to say hello and goodbye to many friends. Time to go to my sports club again and time to get prepared for my trip overseas. Everywhere people were busy raking the leaves and preparing their gardens for a new Canadian winter; a winter which hopefully will not be as harsh, as the last one! I am meeting my two new companions for the next 3 weeks; two cats, also with totally different character. At first, they are somewhat annoyed that somebody else is feeding them and that they maybe get their cuddles at a different time of the day, but after a couple of days we established our hours together, in front of the fireplace in the evening, one at the right side in the chair and the other one on the left, on top of the couch. The 3 weeks are gone in no time, running in between dentists, Dr’s, vaccinations, shopping, sporting and socializing. I pack my suitcase with stuff for different types of weather, but leave the wintercoats and clothes at my friend’s house. The days are getting colder now and I am just in time gone, before the first “early” snow of this DSC07524year.DSC07518DSC07523

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