Carnival in Nerja, Spain, the first day………..

February, 2015

During my stay in Nerja, I was able to enjoy the Carnival and although some locals told me that it was very “Provincial”, I was very impressed with the costumes and all the work the people had put into this event. Only a few places in Andalusia celebrate Carnival, mostly the Southern part. It started at around 5.00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon downtown in Nerja, around the “Balcon de Europe”, as this area is called, because of the beautiful views over the Mediterranean Sea. It is like a “hanging cliff” over the sea…….Downtown Nerja is where everything is happening and here also the Carnival started it’s tour. On Sunday, around the same time, it is the end of the Carnival and the locals call it “The Death of the Sardine”. This time, it is just a small tour around downtown, of people mourning……….hilarious…………No words necessary, just pictures…………..


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