A hidden treasure in the Western Algarve, Portugal

Since Monday the 18th of May, I am so lucky to be in a beautiful spot, close to Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal. Helping out with watering the garden, feeding the ducks, chickens and goats and the occasional weeding. A truly amazing spot on top of the hill in Natural Park “Costa Vicentina”.  16 Hectares of land, all kinds of different trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. A hidden gem with an amazing view and also very close to the sea, with beautiful beaches and not spoiled by mass tourism and high rises yet. On the right hand side you can see the Monchique mountain range, in between agriculture land, rivers and small villages. The last couple of days I have been exploring the property, admiring the self made lakes with all kind of different coloured Koi fish. Taking tons of pictures and just been amazed about the work, which has been put into this property, by building it up “from scratch”……..I feel at home in between the plants and trees we also had in Greece and the smell of fresh produce from the vegetable garden. Yesterday, I was at the back of the tractor, holding myself steady while going up and down the hills, to go to the three different lakes and feed the Koi fish.  I learn about Loofah (Luffa), a sweet and tasty veggie, like squash or zucchini, from which you can eat the young flowers (like zucchini), but also from which you can harvest a sponge! You have to leave it on the vine, until the skin begins to shrivel, then harvest and scrub the skin away, shake out the seeds and cut the gourd into the desired shape. DSC02353

DSC02376The stones on the property are like a painting; all different colours and patterns.


Yesterday, I went for a quick drive to Praia Arrifana, an amazing beach, with (most of the time) high waves, great for surf boarders! A few apartment buildings, a hotel and a small restaurant is all there is. The view from “upstairs” is gorgeous! Tomorrow I will go to the market in Aljezur and explore the little village with the old fortress on top of the hill.

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