How one dog rescues the other…..unbelievable!!!

21st of July, 2015 Costa Rica

What happened this morning at my “jungle house” is unbelievable……..Dur, the dog of the neighbour, who lives here during the day, was barking from a spot I didn’t recognize. So I went with the camera and Nela and Blue, the other dogs, towards the noise. Dur was on the other side of the river and couldn’t cross over. He probably never learned how to swim. I never saw him going into the jungle before and he must have heard or smelled something, which made him cross the river on one of the stoney spots. While I was waving to him, which must have looked hilarious, Nela was running around nervously. Once I told Nela to help Dur, he jumped in the river and swam towards Dur and from that moment on, I couldn’t believe what was happening…… Nela showed Dur how to cross the river. She more or less taught him, which rocks to take! I immediately started taking pictures, from the moment I saw Nela trying to help his little friend. Here and there are the pictures a little bit blurry, because of all the excitement! I wish I had made a video, but I was so surprised about what was happening, that I just thought about the pictures………..

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