My highlights of the Algarve

17th of June, 2015

In a few days I am leaving Portugal and the Quinta, where I spent 5 intensive weeks. Never thought I would have a connection with chickens (especially that white fat one), ducks and goats (like the  “leader” of the group, called Antonio).DSC02705

I realize very well, that they like me so much because I treat them often with some extra food and the chickens just love the fresh produce of the garden, like the figs, cucumber, nectarines and whatever else they are offered.

Today was a special day, as I got the opportunity to take the first picture of the arrival of a new duckling! Probably, there will be a few more!DSC02900DSC02901

Yesterday, I visited with a friend my favorite restaurant “Ze Mogadinho” in Alvor. In the winter I took some pictures of the accordionist Anibal Filipe and I made some prints and an enlargement for him. I was so glad to see him playing again in the same little corner of the cozy, authentic “open air” restaurant. We spent a wonderful afternoon in Ze Mogadinho, eating the famous sardines with lovely potatoes and salad and listening to the music of the accordionist.

DSC02875                          DSC02867


This week, I also went back to Cacela Velha and Tavira. In Cacela, the same cat I fed in January was still there. With so many fishermen living in the small village and a restaurant around the corner, he or she will have eternal life,,,,,,DSC02834

I had lunch in “A Barquinha”, on the Rua Jose Pires Padinha 142, the same restaurant along the river, where I started my first meal in Portugal in December. Again, it was great food and very well priced and I was served by the same wonderful lady as in December. Although there were many more tourists now, it still was not at all over crowded and the weather was superb to go for a stroll.


In the small garden at the Fortress all kind of different flowers were blooming and while two guys were singing and playing guitar, I just enjoyed sitting on the old walls and soaking up the beautiful view over Tavira.


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