Never a dull moment at the Quinta

June 5th, 2015

It seems every day brings something special here. Yesterday I got a shock, when I realized that it was not a turtle, who was visiting my studio, but an enormous toad. I can’t remember I have ever seen a toad as big as this one. It looked prehistoric! Even the Thai lady got upset about the animal, which directed itself down the stairs towards her living quarters……..I must be grateful, as the toad was really posing for the pictures.DSC02642

The story of the ducklings continued. The neigbour came over and he needed two female ducks for the male ones he had, so it was time to see goodbye to the mums and the tiny “ugly” yellow duckling could return to its siblings and even to the 5 older ducklings of the other mother.  All the children were getting along very well from the start and one of the older ducklings took over the mother role.  So mum no. 3 is still here, but she is for ever sitting on the eggs……..DSC02667DSC02661

The two Thai people also left; there was just not enough work anymore on the land. They took their food with them; an amazing way of smoking meat!!!DSC02625DSC02626

This morning I was watering the garden very early and I had my breakfast from the trees; the plums are starting and they are small, but very tasty. Then I tasted some nectarines…. and apricots, just gorgeous! The figs are nearly ripe also. Now the Thai people left, we have to eat many more eggs, but how many CAN you eat??? My arteries will get plugged from the overdoses of calcium……….

By now the harvest of the peas is finished; too bad for the goats, as they just LOVE the leaves (and the peas……).DSC02518

The next job is an extra area for the goats or maybe in the future the horses? Nearly all the poles are in place and later the wiring can start. It is an enormous piece of extra land and it will keep the wildlife out and other uninvited visitors.DSC02521

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