The Rocks, Sydney historical site

21st of February, 2018

On Sunday I moved again. This time I rented an apartment from other friends, who temporarily moved out. I also arranged a house sit (with a cute doggy) for the week after. In December I became a member of two Australian house sitters websites, but the dates were never convenient or the “sits” were too far away from Sydney’s center. This time I am lucky; the right dates and bordering my daughter’s neighbourhood. It always takes a day or so to get settled, find the stores, get the groceries and explore the area. On my second day I decide to walk from Chippendale all the way to Circular Quay for a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art. A breeze is clearing the cloudy sky and the light is getting perfect for pictures! Along the quay the Chinese New Year’s celebrations are still visible. At this point I discover The Rocks, just situated after the museum and the quay. The museum has to wait!

This was the area where the first settlers of the new colony arrived. “First Impressions” is a sandstone sculpture, which symbolizes the convicts, soldiers and free immigrants, who arrived after 1788.P1000380.jpg As later the houses were built of local sandstone, the area got its name ‘The Rocks’. It used to be a neighbourhood with a rough reputation. Many houses and buildings were demolished in between 1900 and 1920, due to their bad condition and later during the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Cadmans Cottage is supposed to be the oldest building in The Rocks and was built in 1816. It is named after John Cadman, who was sent to Australia after stealing a horse. Later, he became ‘superintendent of boats’ and lived with his family in the cottage. It also served as Water Transport Headquarters, Sailor’s Home and Headquarters of the Sydney Police. In the area are two historic pubs, well visited by locals, as well as by tourists.

Via the cobbled streets you climb towards the bridge and get a view of the old and new town.

It is possible to go with a tour all the way up the bridge for around AUD 300. For a bit less, you can choose a lower level. I decide to stay underneath the bridge and enjoy the view from there……..



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