Puerto de Tazacorte and colourful Pueblo de Tazacorte

13th of December, 2020

Today we visit Puerto de Tazacorte, a small beach town situated on the western tip of the Caldera de Taburiente. After studying the local map, we decide not to take the main road, but a shortcut. The local road drives us via very narrow streets straight through the banana plantations. I cross my fingers that there will not be any oncoming traffic! The trees continue until you reach the colourful houses of Pueblo de Tazacorte. From here it is only a short drive towards the harbour.

Puerto de Tazacorte has a port on one side and a long stretch of volcanic black sand on the other side. We walk the promenade towards the little plaza and start our day with a nice coffee. The weather is sunny and the beach still empty. Our plan is to hike the path at the foot of El Time all the way up, but the road is blocked due to fallen rocks. No hikers are allowed today.

After a quick change of plans, we decide to explore the harbour and later hike along the winding footpath all the way up towards Pueblo de Tazacorte.

The water in the port is clear enough to see some interesting fish!

Colourful boats, a few cozy restaurants and views over the cliffs are all part of the port of Tazacorte. The impressive landscape bordering the harbour has been moulded by the lava of different volcanoes.


The path towards the Pueblo of Tazacorte follows the main road all the way up. With temperatures around 18 degrees it is a nice hike. We pass a ruin of a former sugar factory. It reminds me of Cuba!

In the quaint little town we find an abundance of Canarian style houses. Narrow streets go up and down, plenty of plants decorate the small alleys and many houses are painted in bright colours.

The famous church is named after La Palma’s Patron Saint. Here you find an Andalusian-style pergola with Sevilla tiles.

San Miguel Arcángel

Later in the afternoon we return to the beach again and have a wonderful early dinner at Bodeguita del Italiano right at the seaside.

We finish our day sipping wine and witnessing a fabulous sunset!


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