A house on the rocks, at the end of the world

September, 2021

It is pouring with rain when we leave Revelstoke. We just get a glimpse of the Columbia River, which we have to cross to move towards the very quiet British Columbia Highway 23. It takes us around 40 minutes to reach Shelter Bay, where we will hop on the Upper Arrow Lake Ferry towards Galena Bay Terminal.

Once on the other side of the lake, we drive to Nakusp and from there to the idyllic village of Kaslo, right on Kootenay Lake. By now the rain has disappeared and we fully enjoy the eighty minutes scenic drive.

I am constantly on the lookout for a crossing bear and probably will be during the next coming days. My son often sends me pictures of bears walking with their cubs beside the road!

While entering Kaslo the bright autumn colours welcome us! Later in the week, we will explore this village more thoroughly!

After Kaslo, the road swirls along the banks of Kootenay Lake and brings us finally to the remote area, where my son lives; “a house on the rocks at the end of the world”…

I fully understand why he choose this spot to settle down. It is where the beauty of nature lies on your doorstep; impressive mountains, wild rivers, serene lakes and fertile meadows!

My son lives in a 100-year old log cabin and we will sleep for the coming 8 days in the cozy guesthouse. Only the main house has a bathroom, so our bathroom will be a bucket!!!

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