Kaslo, a jewel on the shores of Kootenay Lake

October, 2021.

Another day trip brings us to the “secret hot springs”, only known by the locals and surrounded by forests and a wild and very cold river. There is a small campground and the steep stairs will lead you to different tiny waterbassins along the river. A very relaxing area to spend the day. The dog also loves the hot springs! Next time we will bring a tent!

A highlight is our visit to Kaslo, a quaint and scenic little village with an impressive history. The Kootenay area was first discovered by indigenous nomads. There were two nations; Ktunaxa (Kutenai) and the Sinixt (Lakes). They lived from fishing and the abundance of wild fruits. Later, after settlers built the first log cabins, Kaslo became a sawmill site. After, the mining started and the Kaslo railway became important for transporting silver ore. Once mining was stopped, fruit farming and logging became the sources of income for the inhabitants of Kaslo. Nowadays, Kaslo is also a popular summer and winter tourist destination. Although it was struck by two huge disasters in 1894, a big fire and devastating floods, the people of Kaslo rebuilt their home town again and again. Since knowing its history, I even more appreciate the beauty of this historical village.



There are many great stores in Kaslo, where you can buy all kinds of meat, cheeses, wines and bread. The small fish and chips kiosk is famous and we grab some lunch to take to the park.

From the shores of Kootenay Lake we hike along the river up to the village, where we follow for a while the Kaslo River Trail. It brings us to the bright red Unity Bridge, which connects the north and south sides of the River Trail. Next time we hope to complete the 10 km loop, but it soon will be dark, so time to return home.



2 thoughts on “Kaslo, a jewel on the shores of Kootenay Lake

  1. Hi Renee: Just opened your website after a VERY long time(remember I’m retired , so very little time for many things unfortunately).
    Renee I was immediately impressed with the picture of the stork and its nest. WOW!
    Then I read about your trip to Alberta and complemented this by looking at your comments about the Hague (where I used to live for 17 years)
    Very impressed with your photos and travel descriptions. Wonderful and Thank you!
    I am going to make myself more time to read the rest I haven’t seen . Keep well.
    Best wishes from Cor and Tine.

  2. Hello Cor and Tine,
    So good to hear from you after all these years! I had a break from my blog for two years, but recently decided I should continue, as I travel so much and see all these wonderful places! Hope you are both keeping well and thank you for your positive comments!

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