The market places around Pedreguer, Spain

December 2015

It is just before Christmas and with 20 degrees during the day, it still feels like summer here in Spain. I remember our wonderful holidays in the 70th’s and 80th’s, on the Costa Brava, where my parents used to live. So many December months I spent there, first as a girl in her 20th’s and later as a young mum. My children loved Spain in Christmas time; during the day you could enjoy the outdoor life, while in the evening we all cuddled up around the fireplace. The medieval village of Pals was transformed into a “life” Christmas stall, with the lady of the supermarket as Maria and the bank manager as a shepherd. With the soft yellow street lights on in the evening, it was so enjoyable to walk up and down the cobbled streets, where the whole Christmas story was performed with real people and real animals.

Here, around Pedreguer, it is just fun to visit the market places, where lots of red coloured vegetables and fruits are attracting the customers, who are coming for their Christmas shopping. On Saturday there is the normal vegetable market in the centre of the town, but on Sunday mornings, people from all over the area are coming to the big flea market, which is held on the outskirts of the town. Here you can find all kinds of old and new things, books and clothes, tools and bags and have a coffee or sip a glass of wine, when tired from shopping. It reminds me of the Russian laiki (market) in Greece, which I visited nearly every week, during the 10 years we lived there. There is always such a relaxed atmosphere, when wandering around those places. Locals, as well as tourists and newcomers from all over the world are mixing together and enjoying their day.

Around a 15 minute car drive from Pedreguer you will find Jezus Pobre, a tiny village, DSC03665tucked away against the other side of the Montgo Mountain. Also on Sundays, a very special market is held with artisanal and local produce, tables full of homemade sweets, pies and cakes and much more. I buy some Canabis oil, supposingly very helpful against pains and aches……

Every first Sunday of the month, during the winter months, it will be combined with an antique market as well. It is held under the arches of the Riurau, a place where they used to dry grapes into raisins.DSC03663

When visiting, you can sit yourself at one of the many tables and taste some local wine, accompanied by some fresh barbecued meat, while listening to an acoustic concert.



A great way to spend a late Sunday morning………..


From Nerja to Pedreguer, Spain

The 16th of February, 2015

Again, I packed the car and drove to the other side of Spain, to a small village close to Denia, in between Alicante and Valencia. I took the coastal road towards Almeria, to avoid Granada. The first part of the highway is not completely finished, so it took some more time, but soon I entered the new highway and could drive via Almeria, Lorca and Murcia to Alicante and after to Denia. The highway was very quiet and the landscape is like the Wild West, so now I understand why they filmed so many cowboy movies in this part of Spain. It was not a boring drive, although it is also not the most beautiful part of Spain. I passed Benidorm and it didn’t look very appealing with all the huge apartment buildings (skyscrapers more or less), one after the other and all crumbled into a small valley. Right in between Alicante and Valencia, I found the small village of Pedreguer. Here I will be staying for two weeks, but with the home owner present this time. She has three dogs and one is paralyzed from the back, so a lot of work for her and not much time to walk with the other two. Also, she will need a small surgery and could use some help around the house.     DSC01660

DSC07415 (1)

The house where I am staying is spacious with an enormous garden and view from all sides of the hills around. We are amidst the orange groves and they are full with oranges at this time of the year. I can imagine her garden must be colourful and lushy in springtime and summer. The blossom of the Almond trees is nearly starting and soon it will be an oasis of pink colours in the neighbourhoods.DSC07427     DSC07407

My host is originally from the Netherlands and we get along fine. If the sun is out, we can sit on one of the patio’s and have a glass (or two) of lovely wine together. I walk the dogs during the day and help the other one to go outside by lifting her up and putting her down and I finally can watch some Dutch t.v. in the evening, which hasn’t happened for a long time!                DSC01672                     DSC01669

During the first week, we visited Denia and some small villages in the surroundings, but the weather hasn’t been too good for a lot of sightseeing. In the second week, my host got her surgery and I was more needed in the house. Later in the week, I was able to visit Valencia, a beautiful town with lots of history in the old city. I have been to Barcelona many times and also Madrid, in the time my parents lived on the Costa Brava, but I had never been to Valencia.


To go to Valencia, it is better to take the train to avoid parking problems and it is so much more relaxed. I first drove from Pedreguer to Xeraco. Once there, it is easy to find the station and although the parking place was full of cars, there was plenty space in the small streets close by. The station is very small and you buy your ticket out of the machine, but there was a lady to help out. A return ticket will cost around 12 euro’s and the train will take you to Valencia North, from where you just walk into the old city. On your way you will find one or two tourist information kiosks, with a very helpful staff and they will supply you with a good map and give some explanation, regarding the most interesting sites to visit.

DSC01756              DSC01740

Valencia has lots of atmosphere. Full with tapas bars and cozy restaurants, lots of Plazas with terraces filled with locals as well as tourists, a cathedral, many churches, an old city wall and many other interesting buildings. Although it is a huge city, the inner old town has an intimate character. One day is just enough to get only an impression of all the city has to offer. I walked and walked, even visited the University Botanical Gardens and once there, you don’t realize that you are in such a DSC01719big city. definitely, worth a visit!DSC01727

After these two weeks, I have to return to Portugal, to hand in my car to the agency at Faro airport. I will stay for my last two days with my former house sit hosts in Gorgoes, the Algarve.  However, before heading back to Portugal, I will meet up with a friend of mine in Malaga and get some more time to explore the city, during the Andalusian festivities.