My first house sitting job

September, 2014

Coming home, after two relaxing and energizing weeks in Cuba, I have three days to change clothes and pack my suitcase, for a month up to the Kawartha lake district. An area I have never been and the right time to enjoy the Fall colors. The drive takes me within 4 hours to a cute small village, surrounded by lakes, waterways, bridges and locks. It feels like the Netherlands! The house is situated in a small community outside the village, close to a lake and peaceful. The two Chinese Sharpei dogs and I are friends in no time and their character is one of a kind! The weather is warm for the time of the year and I explore the little villages, waterfalls, endless roads along the lakes and farmland. I take lots of pictures and enjoy a typical Canadian Fall Fair. In the morning, I take my time for computer work and searching for the next house sitters job. I know that I have a house and cat sitters job in my own little village, right after this one, but after that assignment I have to move one. This time, I have to get out of Canada…far away from the memories……

I apply for a house and dog sit in the Algarve, Portugal and after a conversation over Skype with the “landlady”, they tell me I am accepted for the job. I am delighted, as Portugal is on my “bucket list”.

Now I can breathe again and relax and know I have to look for a next assignment beginning of January in Andalusia, Spain. I book a one way ticket to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Faro, Portugal. In the Netherlands I will house sit for a relative. It has been at least 3 years that I haven’t been back to my old home country and I am looking forward to see some old friends.