Enjoying every minute of my time in Canmore

September, 2015

While walking the dog along the river, I meet every day some people, with whom I have a chat. One morning I had quite a long chat with a man, who went fishing. We talked about daily things and he told me how much the shape of the river changed after the big flood of two years ago. Also the fishing spots changed completely. He told me he lived in Canmore since 1975. His life hasn’t been an easy one, but he never considered moving out of Canmore. He promised himself, that if ever he wakes up and the light on the mountains will be the same as the day before, then it is time to move. It never is………DSC02250DSC02265

I love getting up early in the morning and watch the sunrise from behind the mountain. It lights the mountain on the other side of the river, with a stunning beauty.DSC02251


I have had many gorgeous days for the last couple of weeks. I also had the first snow and later the first real frost during the night. Although it was cold, I went out early with my camera, while the dog was still sleeping. The field was covered with the white of the frost and at this time of the day, the Elks were still roaming around. I had to be careful, as I knew that the Bull Elk was somewhere, although I couldn’t see him. Once it was time to get the whole herd together and disappear into the woods, he suddenly came running towards me and I swiftly went to safer grounds.


There is always something to see and I also like my hike to the village instead of taking the car. As the river flows right through Canmore, it is a great walk, especially now with the change of the colours.DSC02330

In between my hikes in and around Canmore, I also get the opportunity to take part in some tours, visit waterfalls in Yoho park and explore the countryside towards Jasper, with my son and the dog. I never took so many pictures, as during these last weeks and still have to write quite a few blogs………

DSC02217               DSC02205

I keep encountering bears. Also downtown!  It seems that the harvest of one of their other supplies, the mountain ash berries, hasn’t been very good this year and that is why they are focussing now on the crab apples. Good for my pictures, but not too good for the safety of the people here in Canmore……..On the moment a bear was indulging itself on the apples, in the street where I am staying for my house sit, a couple with their dog came from a trail down the hill and nearly walked right underneath the tree with the bear. The neighbour and I started shouting, that they had to move back. They turned their heads in the wrong direction and my heart stood still for a moment. We shouted again and then they noticed this huge black bear in the tree, nearly right above them. Very slowly they backed off and went back on the trail. DSC02443                                                      DSC02319

One afternoon, this small bird is sitting on the front porch, recovering from a bump against the window. I leave it there, as I have never seen any cat around and after I arrive back from some shopping it is gone, probably recovered!DSC02296

All the animals are pretty busy with getting their food in, before the long winter starts. I always loved the chipmunks; you can easily get them tame in three days time, by giving them peanuts, which they love! I used to do that when living in Ontario.DSC02517


Warning: You are in bear country!!!

The first week of September, 2015

From the heat in Merida, I arrived in way colder temperatures in Canmore, Rocky Mountains, Canada. I have been very lucky to get a house sitters job for a month in a gorgeous home, right on the Bow river and in between the mountains. I feel very privileged that the owners trust me with their beautiful home and their lovely dog. The view is amazing and even during the first days, when it was pretty cold and cloudy, I just enjoyed the wonderful view from every window, the light which is different every day and every time of the hour and the amount of wildlife passing by in the back garden. Here, you are one with nature and you have to respect the habitat of the animals, as they sort of mingle with the inhabitants of Canmore and all the other places in the Rocky Mountains.DSC01512


DSC01542I also feel so very happy, as I finally get to see my son, who lives in the next village Banff and I haven’t seen him for way too long, one and half year……..He and his girlfriend choose to live in one of the best places that Canada has to offer, especially if you like the “outdoors”, as they call it here. The opportunities for hiking, cycling, camping, mountain climbing, water sports, skiing, snow boarding and many other sports are unbeatable in the Rocky Mountains.

During the first days, I get connected with the dog (which is easy!), find my way in the house and into town, enjoy some hikes and buy extra warm clothes from the second-hand store, as suddenly it is snowing!!! Not normal for the time of the year, but in Alberta you can expect snow at any time, as I understood. Tomorrow we might sit in the sun again and put our shorts on. I noticed when walking in town, that many were not prepared for this weather on this long Labour Day weekend, as most of the people were indeed still walking in shorts and on sandals, while it was only 3 degrees DSC02303Celsius!


On the day of arrival, the 31st of August, I just came back from a small hike with my son and the dog and somebody noticed a black bear in the front garden of the opposite neighbours, indulging itself on the crab apples. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here I am standing, just freshly arrived from Toronto and looking at this bear on a few meters distance. The camera was ready on the table and my son had enough courage to approach the bear from quite close. By that time the whole neighbourhood was standing on the road, but it didn’t bother the bear, as long as the fruit was still on the tree!



The next day, a Bull Elk, came crossing the river, when walking the dog. Too bad my camera was still at home, but after delivering the dog safe at home, I went back with the camera for some pictures on a distance, as they can be aggressive, especially during mating season.

DSC01581                                       DSC02183
The day after (how lucky can I be…), a whole herd of Elk were having supper on the bushes in the back garden. Once the Bull Elk arrived, he called everybody and they moved on. What a special sound that was; something between a cow and a horse!DSC01597

In the same week I saw two coyotes; one while turning the car on a quiet street and one in the back garden again. From now on, I always will have my camera with me!