The last snow in Canada and the first bulbs in the Netherlands

The 4th of March, 2015

After spending two nights at my “old house sit” in Gorgoes, Portugal and seeing Pasha, the dog again, it is time to deliver the rental car back at the airport. I got very attached to Portugal and I have mixed feelings of going back to Ontario, Canada, although it will be for just one month. I was very lucky that two of my friends in Pelham town needed me, each for around two weeks. That gives me time to visit my dr. and my dentist and some other commitments I have. Also, I get to see some of my friends and who knows, when I will see them again..DSC01806DSC01796


The first two weeks I am taking care of a very sweet Labrador, called Libby and a cat, named Bruce. There is still snow, but now in March the sun is getting stronger and I even get to sit outside on the sheltered patio, with a thick sweater on. I never took care of a Lab, but what a joy it is, so much fun with this dog! The two weeks are gone in no time and I just go straight from one house to the other. I took care of the cats of my other friend before and after a few hours, they seem to recognize me again and we all get along again great! While in the first two weeks I had a car, during the last two weeks I don’t have a car, so I am more housebound. I do see a few more friends and have time to work on my blog and try to get a house sitting schedule going, for the next few months. I notice, I am not feeling attached to my old village any more and I am looking forward to my new future, wherever it may be. On the 3rd of April, I am flying to the Netherlands again, via London, with British Airways. This is the second time I am taking this route and it works out way cheaper than with other flight carriers. In the Netherlands I will stay for around 6 weeks in the same house in Julianadorp, where I stayed before.

DSC02169           DSC02172

Right on time to see the explosion of flowers, as this area in “North Holland” is well-known for its bulb fields. I am very lucky, as the weather is often superb for cycling and the cycling paths through the dunes along the sea, gives you also a magnificent view over the colourful landscape. I visit the “Flower Days” in Anna Paulowna, where many houses have displays in their garden of a “flower mosaic”, which must be so much work to get accomplished! Works of art indeed!DSC02162

DSC02185              DSC02159

I also go with a friend on the bike to the island of Texel. I have never visited that island and it is fun to go with your bike on board of the ferry, which only takes around 15 minutes or so. Texel is surprisingly beautiful, with great cycling trails through agriculture land, small picturesque villages, woodland and dunes.

DSC02248                           DSC02243

We visit the Cheese market of Alkmaar, also a big tourist attraction and for me the first time to witness it. The 6 weeks go very fast, as the weather is inviting to go out and explore and after so many years living in other countries, I enjoy being in my home land. On the 18th of May, I will leave again and go back to Portugal for a house sit on the West coast of the Algarve.