Dragon trees and Buracas Caves around Las Tricias

14th of December, 2020

We drive up North, following the coast line, to the rural hamlet Las Tricias. On top of mountain El Time is a restaurant with a small parking place, where you can take pictures and admire the view. From this point you can see the banana plantations on the western coast and at the far end the volcanic ridge.

We continue our scenic drive, admiring the high mountains on one side and deep down the ocean on the other side. Although we left this morning with sunny weather, it seems that by now we entered a different climate zone. Las Tricias is surrounded by a formation of thick clouds and temperatures dropped significantly.

We start our hike of around five kilometres just down the road of Las Tricias. It will take us at least three hours, as the small walking paths are going up and down. The mist and the light drizzle give a spooky glare over the enormous dragon trees. This is the indigenous tree of the Canary islands.

This area is known for its fruit- and almond trees, wines and goat cheese. Some foreigners arrived here years ago and live a very simple life in one of the few rural huts and houses. Some are even living in the Buracas Caves, the former living-caves of the Guanches.

At some point the drizzle is becoming rain and we have to watch the slippery stones, but it makes our trip very special. We are the only hikers deep down in the Barranco. We follow the path on the other side and I have to challenge a very steep hike over the rocks! It is the only way out or we have to return the same way, but that is not in the plan. I take a deep breath and go all the way up without looking down! My fear of heights will never disappear…..

Like a goat....

Once we return to the village of Las Tricias, we notice restaurant Camu Camu, beside the church. Here they serve local food and drinks for a very reasonable price. A great way to finish our visit to this area in Garafía, where life is still very peaceful.