Solidified lava at the foot of Mountain Las Moraditas

15th of December, 2020

From our rental place it is only a short drive to the information centre at the foot of the Caldera de Taburiente. A great place to get familiar with the layout of the impressive volcanoes, the national parks, the various hiking paths and other points of interest.

Today we choose another easy hike, in preparation of a more difficult one tomorrow. This one starts just on the other side of the road, opposite the Information Centre and the area is called Las Moraditas. Our feet are touching a 15th century old lava stream from Mountain Quemada and it feels like walking on another planet.

Our hike runs through fertile fields, pine forests and vineyards.

Some people in this area own a small bodega made from volcanic rock. We also see abandoned cottages, like a piece of art in the countryside.

We have lunch sitting on an old wall overlooking fields full of bright orange flowers; this is the Protea, originally a flower from South-Africa and now also cultivated on the island La Palma. The flowers will be transported to Aalsmeer in The Netherlands and from there exported all over the world.

Although Las Moraditas is not well known as a hiking area, we fully enjoy the varied landscape and the views on the Pico Bejenado, a mountain top of 1844 meters and part of the Caldera de Taburiente.