A house and labrador sit in central Mallorca

December, 2021

It is not easy to find a convenient house sit during covid times. You need to be patient and be willing to spend a lot of hours on the internet, browsing the house sitters websites. In the end we are rewarded with a great sit of nearly three weeks on the Balearic island of Mallorca. I never visited Mallorca in the past and in my imagination it was just one of those party islands, where nature is sacrificed for huge hotels and ugly apartment buildings. Pictures of our future house sit showed lushy gardens and panoramic views and when we saw the pictures of the two black labradors, we didn’t think twice!

We rushed to the bookstore to get information about hiking trails (Rother guides) and interesting places to visit on the island and we are very surprised to discover that Mallorca has many natural parks, scenic roads and historical villages.

In December Covid was still a big issue and we, as well as the landlords, had to try to stay healthy! It all worked out fine and we even didn’t need to get tested! The house was all decorated for Christmas, the fire place worked great and the doggies stole our hearts from day one, so our holiday started (and theirs too!)

We decide to take the dogs with us in the car on most of our outings. It means we can stay away a bit longer during the day and the dogs love to go with us on our adventures. Our first outing will be to Parc Natural Es Trenc, in the southern part of the island. Just before entering the parc, we pass Salines de Llevant. Several lagoons are nourished by the waters of the sea and later the salt is extracted and gathered into huge piles.

In between the artificial lakes and the 6 km long beach, you will find dunes with all kinds of plants, which are adapted to the salt in the soil. Once on the beach, we let the dogs run free, as this time of the year there are only a handful of visitors.

Our second trip goes to Cap de Formentor, in the north of the island. The peninsula is protected on one side by the Tramuntana mountains and blessed with some fabulous beaches on the southern side. To reach the east of the peninsula you have to drive a very curvy road. Don’t forget to stop at Mirador de la Creueta for some fabulous views!

We take the dogs out for a walk on Cala Formentor, where the turqoise sea looks inviting for a swim. Margot, the youngest labrador is afraid of water, but Rosie just loves to jump in!

After our hike and swim, we are driving back to Puerto de Pollenca, a lively fishing harbour, where we find a great place to eat, right at the water side; “Stay Restaurant”.

The dogs are sleeping in the car, totally exhausted from the hike. Later, after we have had our supper, we take them again for another outing on the beach, before we drive home.