Ships that pass in the night


9th of January, 2022

Our rental car guides us from the Tramuntana mountain range into the lively capital of Mallorca. We booked a room in Hotel Meliã Palma Marina and the view from our spacious balcony is stunning! Cruise ships arrive late at night and leave early in the morning. I could just sit for two days on that balcony and watch the ships passing by….


Our hotel serves the best breakfast I have ever had; all kinds of fruits and nuts, cheeses and meat, juices and marmelades. Everything is very attractive displayed.

Nobody controls your room number or QR code. Last evening, our ID and QR code were both checked in a restaurant. Even our temperature was measured!!!

From our hotel it is an easy walk along the harbour to the impressive 14th century Gothic Cathedral.


At the foot of Cathedral La Seu lies Parc de la Mar. It is also the entrance into the Old Town. Medieval streets are connecting historical palaces, churches, arches and cute little stores.

Inviting terraces, where the winter sun just reaches the chairs, are a perfect spot to relax. Most of the tapas restaurants are closed in January. It takes us a while, to find a nice eatery for our last evening. Tomorrow, we will fly back to The Netherlands, after spending three great weeks on the island!

Cathedral La Seu Palma


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